TacomaOS Installation

System requirements

The current version of TacomaOS (TOS) is developed using Java 1.1.8 and Linux, hence it is guaranteed to run within this environment. However, it should run in Java environments with higher version numbers. Furthermore, there are no operating system dependencies in TOS, so it should run without problems on other operating systems as well.

Step-by-step installation

Remark: The installation procedure outlined below is targetted a system equipped with the Java Development Kit from SUN.
  1. Download the TOS distribution, either the class archive (tos.jar) or the source distribution from SourceForge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/tos/).
  2. Download the file ".tosrc" to your home directory and modify the values defined in the file.

  4. Dependent of whether you have put "tos.jar" in your CLASSPATH environment variable or not, you may start the TOS kernel as follows:
    1. If "tos.jar" is in the class path:

    2.        jre tos.Kernel
    3. If "tos.jar" isn't in the class path:

    4.         jre -cp <path>/tos.jar tos.Kernel
  5. Carriers can now be shipped to computers running a TOS kernel.

Kåre Jørgen Lauvset [kaare@cs.uit.no]